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Mutual Investigative Services is a Cheyenne, Wyoming licensed and bonded professional private investigator and process serving firm, working for lawyers, businesses, and individuals since 1990; first on the eastern seaboard and, since July 2004, in Wyoming, western Nebraska, Northern Colorado, and other locations.

During twenty-three years in the private practice of law, Dr. Sacco learned the kinds of evidence lawyers must uncover and develop in order to prepare their cases for trial, and the elements of that evidence which the lawyer will seek to prove in court.

And, he also learned something else: that lawyers, as practitioners of their profession, are drawn into working relationships with people. Lawyers must interview clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts, cross-examine them in court to decide if they are telling the truth, or just simply talk to them in order to figure out what they wish to accomplish. This means that dependable, reliable, accurate information is vital.

A professional investigator, aware of what the lawyer is looking for and skilled in investigative techniques, can be a helpful — indeed, an essential member of the legal team.

Mutual's services include conducting for hire investigations to obtain information about the following matters:

  • Private or public crimes
  • Wrongs to persons or property
  • Habits, conduct, movements, associations, transactions, and reputation or character of persons
  • Credibility of witnesses or others
  • Locating and/or recovering lost or stolen property
  • Developing and securing evidence to be used in civil and criminal cases, or before investigating bodies, boards of award or arbitration
  • Causes of accidents or injuries to persons, and real or personal property

Mutual Investigative Services will also conduct the following types of investigations:

  • Background Investigations: includes civil and criminal background checks, information regarding bankruptcies, court judgments and liens
  • Property ownership determination
  • Address history of a subject, including opinions of relatives and neighbors, where applicable
  • Locating missing persons, such as absconding debtors, heirs, missing witnesses; non-custodial spouses who kidnap children, and runaway children
  • Domestic/Infidelity cases, including surveillances and in-court testimony
  • Insurance fraud, including fraud investigations using video and still photography

Mutual charges by the hour when performing investigations lasting one day or less. Expenses are extra. For longer investigations, a per diem rate is available. Again, expenses are extra. In most cases, a retainer is required.

We're here to help. We understand that you have questions which require answers. So please take a minute to call for further information; 1-307-638-9338, or fax us at 1-307-638-9338, or e-mail us at anthonyjsacco@hotmail.com. We'll respond by e-mail, or if you prefer, we'll call you at a telephone number where you can comfortably discuss your situation.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, excluding legal holidays. Call during these hours and Dr. Sacco will discuss the specifics of your case with you and give you a quote at that time.



We, Matthew John Crater and Brenda Lynn Crater highly recommend Anthony J. Sacco for private detective use, He was both thorough and quick with our info. I am sending this to friends also. Thanks!

Matt and Brenda Crater,
Prescott, Yavapai County, AZ 86303

Dear Tony:

You have asked me to comment on your investigative services and process serving abilities.

Of course, we have worked together on these matters for many years, and you were always an effective Process Server when you were working here in Maryland. In addition, you are especially good at obtaining foreign and out-of-state service. I never had to worry about whether you were going to be able to find the person you were trying to serve.

As to your investigative services, you have been particularly good at finding persons who have been moving around. I always liked your "skip chasing" ability. You always brought back extra information, when finding someone or serving someone, that was helpful later on if I had to collect on a Judgment. You knew that I would need asset information, and you used your skills to find out as much as you could, without my having to give specific instructions.

To realize the quality of your investigative abilities, one need only read your book, Little Sister Lost, to learn that you located heirs by tracing them across international borders, behind the Iron Curtain, and finally to a nursing home in New England.

I wish you were still back here in Maryland so that I could use your services more frequently.


Robert N. Winkler Attorney
Towson, MD 21204

This letter is my personal recommendation for Tony Sacco and Mutual Investigative Services. Mr. Sacco was hired by our firm to conduct a domestic investigation in February 2007 in Sinclair and Rawlins, Wyoming. He was provided with very little information regarding the location of the subject of the investigation.

Mr. Sacco was able to locate the subject in an entirely different town than the information provided to him and was able to videotape incriminating evidence, all within a twenty four hour period of him being hired by our firm.

Mr. Sacco is an exceptionally experienced, professional, knowledgeable, efficient private investigator. Mr. Sacco is an inspiration to our profession and a truly skilled investigator.

As CEO of my company and with ten years of Law Enforcement and private investigation experience, I valued and learned from my experience working with Mr. Sacco. I have since contacted and consulted him on several occasions for his professional opinion.

It is an honor to offer my letter of recommendation for Mr. Tony Sacco.


Matt Dellepere

ESI Investigations, Inc.

Fresno, CA 93704